From Parquet to Parterre

From Parquet to Parterre from IMATS @ Barnard on Vimeo.

« From Parquet to Parterre » is a video lecture developed to enhance the course through exploration of the importance of dance at Versailles. «Parquet»refers to the patterned ballroom floor where complicated geometric dances were a part of an evening’s entertainment and «Parterre» is the distinct garden space designed with the same basis in geometrical forms. Both were used in social intercourse in Baroque society. Catherine Turocy, Artistic Director of «The New York Baroque Dance Company» is our guest writer and narrator. Through demonstrations by professional dancers of her company and student dancers from Barnard, Ms. Turocy examines connections between the geometry used in 17th/18th century choreography with configurations of garden design by André Le Nôtre. She discusses the philosophical origins of art with its social and moral importance, and reveals how both dance and garden design reflect these ideals. Closing the video with a look at the 2015 installation of the «fountains at the Water Theatre Grove» by sculptor Jean-Michel Othoniel in the Versailles gardens, one begins to understand how these designs are still of primary interest today.

« From Parquet to Parterre » is the first in a series of video projects to be developed for « The Golden Age of Versailles » by Laurie Postlewate and Barnard’s IMATS (Instructional Media and Technology Services) with funding from COOL, the Committee for Online and On-Campus Learning, at Barnard College. Future video projects will feature fashion, music, painting and architecture. Videos are available for educational use, and are avaialble for noncommercial use, with attribution. (Catherine Turocy and Barnard College, 2015) Please email __ for more information.