Community Agreement Spring 2021

What do you need to feel comfortable, supported, and excited to learn in this course?

  1. We will actively participate in small group and class discussions
  2. We will practice active listening
  3. We will go over materials (websites, videos) that are assigned before class and will be prepared to talk about them
  4. We will be in touch with our seminar advisors and research mentors weekly at the beginning of the semester, and at least every 2-3 weeks for the rest of the year
  5. We will generally turn on our cameras during sessions (can be discussed) 
  6. We are fine with some class sessions being recorded to be shared with classmates who could not attend the session (e.g. mini conference presentations)
  7. We will provide feedback to our peers (students) and advisees (faculty) on a timely manner. 
  8. Step up, Step back.
  9. Reach out to each other and to profs