Schedule – BC/CU Senior Seminar – Fall 2022

Students can take the senior seminar in the spring/fall or fall/spring sequence. We sometimes meet with the entire class, sometimes in separate sections with the two groups. We do not meet every week, please do not miss any sessions! Class meetings are highlighted in bold face.

  • Items below in purple are for all students,
  • items in red are for students taking the senior seminar in the spring/fall sequence,
  • items in blue are for students taking the senior seminar in the fall/spring sequence.
  • Class meets Thursdays from 4:10-6:00pm (usually in person, occasionally on-line).

this is a draft schedule:


due means you should hand in:

  • a paper copy of the entire document as complete as possible following the structure outlines in thesis organization
  • see example outline and tips here
  • document needs to be double-spaced
  • note what is missing
  • note how you intend to fill gaps
  • make sure that you give a copy of your document to your research mentor at the same time
  • on the cover sheet, include name and email address of yourself, your mentor(s), and your advisor as well as the date of the draft 

Peer review

  • we’ll frequently will pair you up with your peer in class sessions throughout the semester.
  • you will receive a copy of the thesis/proposal draft of your peer in class
  • please read the document carefully, feel free to write on the document
  • fill out the review rubric (you received a hard copy also in class) and scan that sheet after filling it out
    • if you prefer, you can type into the on-line form and print two copies
  • meet with your peer (who usually reviews
    your thesis/proposal) in person
    • if not given on thesis/proposal cover sheet, you can find the email address of your peer on the CU website
    • give your peer’s thesis/proposal and the original filled out rubric to your peer
  • submit the scan (picture by phone is ok) to the appropriate assignment on courseworks. 
  • It is the reviewer’s responsibility to hand in the review sheet they filled out.

Final thesis/proposal due means you should hand in:

  • final version of your thesis/proposal for file and grade, please hand in two copies in the BC Env. Science department’s office (before 12 noon)
    • put them on big table in the department and check off your name on the list
    • text needs to be double-spaced
    • please print double-sided if you can
    • you are welcome to use the Env. Sci. office printer in the 404 Altschul common area to print individual pages in color (not the whole thesis!)
    • if you are handing in your final thesis, these two copies must be bound
  • please also give another copy to your research mentor(s) directly (we will ask for feedback from your mentor for the final grade; don’t ask us to deliver it to your mentor)
  • deposit an electronic copy of your thesis on courseworks, use LastnameF.docx (or .pdf) as filename
    • please make sure the latest versions of your poster and mini conference talk are also on-line
  • fill out the evaluation form in courseworks

Presentations about your thesis/proposal

  • in the middle of the semester, you will give a presentation about your thesis/proposal
  • the talk should be <10 min long plus 2-3 minutes for discussion
  • please practice the talk so that you will stay within the time limit, we will have to cut you off after 12 min
  • you’ll be using a remote control to flip the slides
  • upload your presentation before class (by 12 noon on the day of your presentation) on our courseworks website, use ‘LastnameF.ppt’ as file name (e.g. StuteM.pptx)
  • we will ask your audience to make suggestions on how to improve your presentation on paper and send them to you by e-mail
  • comments on oral presentations

Individual meetings with advisors (seminar faculty), mentors, peers

  • the purpose of these meetings is to give you one on one feedback on your thesis project
  • during the semester, please discuss one senior thesis/proposal with your seminar advisor
  • pick a scientific paper at the heart of your work and go over it with your advisor
  • you should meet with your advisor at least 3 times during the semester – however, feel free to schedule an appointment whenever you feel it is necessary
  • please act responsibly in scheduling and keeping appointments made with mentors, advisors, peers and writing fellows (i.a.)

Present 30 second summary slides in class/discussion of poster drafts

  • please deposit a 30 second slide and a draft of your poster on Courseworks (EESC X3800) before 2pm on the day they are due
  • we are going to print the posters  on 11.5×14 paper and bring them to class
    • Instructions for the poster making are posted below
  • in class, you’ll be asked to present a 30
    second slide in front of the class and we’ll discuss your
    poster drafts in small groups

Poster session

Where to find help with data analysis